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Summer - ping (Forbidden Pheasant Hill spring swimming pool)

Author: admin source: tourism information published: 2013/4/4 reading: 3054 nameT|T
[Abstract] the day of the trip, Chengdu, Meishan Hongya - Liujiang town - Yuping mountain chicken Ping camp - Liujiang town - Gao Miao Town - Emei mid Qiliping International Summer Resort, originally planned to go Emeishan City Walk Chengle return, but the first day we did not eat to Hong Ya famous unitary Mazi vine Pepper Chicken, in order not to regret, we decided to or the original road return to Hongya - Chengdu


3 days trip, Chengdu, Meishan Hongya - Liujiang town - Yuping mountain chicken Ping camp - Liujiang town - Gao Miao Town - Emei mid Qiliping International Summer Resort, originally planned to go Emeishan City Walk Chengle return, but due to the first day we did not eat to Hong Yayou name unitary Mazi vine pepper chicken, in order not to regret, we decided to or the original road return to Hongya - Chengdu


This swimming pool is also cool in the summer, the water is the top of the mountain, the forest, very comfortable, very cool

Map Hongya traffic map

Hongya cuisine...... Because it is 2 p.m. Saturday night in Hongya, Lin Zhuang Pingyu eat fish, but a bit disappointed, not to eat fish in town to the Liujiang River town tunnel then almost 6 points, so the ancient town of the Liujiang River -- Yuping wild chicken Ping camp accommodation first day to night accommodation places in the forests, from the ancient town of the Liujiang River is on the highway, the road better, we are the 35 seat Jinlong tourist bus, easily to the lodging place, about 15 kilometers. The first piece of friend's photo, thank you to take care of some hotties, along the way and you play very happy, oh, the whole you bully the head, a small woman to take you to eat a delicious authentic


Because it is in the highest place Yuping mountain chicken Ping camp into the mountain pass, the front is a camp, so it is open, feel the time or afternoon

Dining area

 Place of accommodation

Built in the nest between the trees, the room was readily available, pure wood components, suitable for lovers of waves

 People under the tree

Very suitable for summer place, the baby also to avoid

Zhu Yingtai, a homonym of different words, but do not agree with, ha ha, very large a base camp, camping base, badminton courts, basketball courts, as well as for kids some play forest sports field and playground Oh, suitable for a family over the summer or her with your camping together, enjoy between heaven and earth the most sweet time.

The leisure family, everything complete equipment, because it has a special management, suitable for junior Alice ha, with mahjong rub, whole barbecue, Bachir was not the place

Focus of a handsome boy, with a family of the weekend is full of such a warm, this is really a happy holiday ah

Near is the accommodation of Ping Lou, actually lived in tents, feeling fine.

Children's playground, ha ha, back to the simple childhood

Level of ease Alpine swimming pool, the water is clear, the surrounding lush vegetation, negative oxygen ion density high, suitable for leisure, for exercise, more suitable for summer water play, but not to bring swimsuit can only hope that the water regret between heaven and earth, baiyuncanggou in in the blue mountains and green waters at the moment into the water and swim between heaven and earth...... There is a mood like Sichuan and even the whole country similar place is not much worth recommending petty, remember to bring swimsuit.

In the sunny day, people's leisure can be seen everywhere both tea tree, mountain climbing, or under the sun umbrella, let the breeze gently stroked, everything in this wonderful weekend

The Liujiang River town water is not just children, like adults have fun

Via Gao Miao Town, buy Gao Miao liquor, drinking friends praise, is said to have Wuliangye wine base, but time not to Gao Miao Town Qingchun Dou described the play, just stay down to buy some souvenirs

Emei mid Qiliping International Summer Resort, because in the Emei Mountain, took its fame, but summer here is really good, a few years later become a world-class tourist resort is entirely possible. In Cebu Resort Hotel, I feel very warm and comfortable, the first time with the feeling of home


Three link, you can check online, the first general said:

 1, Chengdu -- the ancient town -- Ya'an -- looking fish town -- Wawushan mountain (also directly play the ancient town of the Liujiang River after Hongya, Chengle export high-speed road back to Chengdu Danleng) -- Gaomiao Town -- Emei mid Qiliping International Summer Resort -- Mount Emei area (Chengle on the two roads, one is e le fast channel, the two is to take Jiajiang exports, but along the Jiajiang trucks, e Le recommended to go fast channel, time early, still can be in Mount Emei city to buy medicines, tea, konjac snow, bitter bamboo shoot, smoked goose, Leshan sweet duck; and the two urban distance just half an hour, there are different characteristics of the Food: weekdays barbecue, cold pot strings, tofu curd, Alice feet, beef is not the same as Ye Erpa, Niu mud...... Too much) -- Chengle -- Chengdu
2, Chengdu, in the town - Ya - Wang fish town - town Liujiang, Gao Miao Town -- Emei mid Qiliping International Summer Resort -- Emeishan City -- Chengle, Chengdu
3, Chengdu, in the town - Ya - Wang fish town, Wawushan, Liujiang Town, Hongya (Bai Zaiji, rattan pepper chicken, Bobo chicken delicious allows you to stay in saliva) -- Danleng export high-speed (which belong to the Meishan area, Danleng, which just in Chengle Danleng entrance car, hungry die is with friends some drive to Danleng eat, home Liuji Bai Zaiji, very delicious, just remember not a specific address) -- Chengle, Chengdu
Actually you can DIY at more lines, traveling in the opposite direction can also be, Hill (Mount Emei, Wawushan, Zhougongshan link, said the three mountains, love travel friends all know, ha, a year the four seasons are suitable for playing, there are men, women and children for play, beauty, food, history, geography, cultural customs, hot springs, skiing, cross, mountain trail....) The road condition is very good, unless the individual is encountered a large natural disasters need to pay attention to the problem, any car driving is not a problem, including the bus
Pot good soup, just to drink, etc. also catch the time to accompany a friend, so wait patiently for detailed Raiders back on the second floor of the ha (copy number of online students the Raiders and travel, praised in particular youth bucket shoes Raiders + I 2 years five different lines of personally experience + and profound reflection and friends of praise, is worth looking forward to OH)!                                        



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