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The Liujiang River ancient town strategy

Author: admin source: tourism information published: 2013/7/2 reading: 3411 nameT|T
[Abstract] the Liujiang River town was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern architecture is the architecture. Zuozuo ancient boarded up houses on stilts in root branches the bewilderment of trees Huang Ge, at the end of the half barrack street, connected to a stone street, a word, show the streets of of primitive simplicity of vicissitudes of life.



(the Liujiang River ancient town Author: Wine GE)
The ancient town of the Liujiang River was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern architecture is the architecture. Zuozuo ancient boarded up houses on stilts in root branches the bewilderment of trees Huang Ge, at the end of the half barrack street, connected to a stone street, a word, show the streets of of primitive simplicity of vicissitudes of life.


The town of the Liujiang River on the river is called the Liujiang River, but the Huaxi River and the Yang river. The two rivers are collected in the the Liujiang River Town, forming a river at the confluence. On the island of trees at the faint dwellings, quite a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. It is said that the island was a painter for early settlement, not people praise the painter's eye.


Ancient town has never been more trees. Liujiang town not only the growth of many great Huang Ge, hemp willow trees and a line is said to have been 200 years of age Huang Jue orchid. It was old Huang Jue orchid tens of meters high, with luxuriant foliage, and fragrant flowers. Let person odd that much more than this, and this strain Huang Jue orchid wall had courtyard has a strain of odd tree, the tree hung as cowpea like long thin fruit. No one knows its name, and no one knows its origin, we have to call it the "bean tree". Long cowpea tree yard called had courtyard, covers an area of 11621 square meters, four quadrangles, three stage, the hospital has a viewing platform, eight Longmen, Miss Lou, study, stone arches and peony garden, litchi garden and leisure Pavilion, signifying masters of the house to the old style luxury. Because there is a "Shou" character in the masters of the house to the name of the father, had courtyard with "Shou" character strokes designed and built, quite creative.
Scenic spot map:
The Liujiang River ancient town bearing map

Scenic area related information:
The Zhenjiang stands beside the water. To go to the Wawushan Mountain National Forest, can see the the Liujiang River old town. The town come and go is the user name of good characteristics of people: X house, X home millet are a large family of old, called up antique, it looks like splash ink landscape.
So the castle of the clean water, in gray stone tile, long liusi whisk reflected under the cover of the town, in the July sun, became the one pair of shades affordable summer landscape painting.



(had courtyard Author: anonymous)
On the Emei peaks had courtyard
Built in the period of the Qing Dynasty had courtyard is located in Liujiang town north, leading to the Wawushan Mountain National Forest Park and Yu Ping National Forest Park Lane. In the courtyard design spent a good, if seen from the air, the plane is a fan wrote "Shou". Walk along the walls, there be zigzag feeling.
Compound is composed of two courtyards, a door access, the compound has two big space, the middle is a building on the third floor of a western style floor will compound the two. In the courtyard of a total of three stage, different shape, direction. Already no one living in the compound is empty, only a few old hens in the yard to find the worm. Look around, eaves Gallery, still so beautiful, the whole year is a compound in the mansion.
Most peculiar, Linhe side in the pursuit of longevity, its walls, housing structure like jagged, concave and convex crankle is very strange. Those who follow the real shape and concave convex crankle railings, room is mysterious, and coordination, this certainly from folk architectural master hand, only had low status of craftsmen, did not leave a name, otherwise there may be recorded in the annals of history, let us also remember his name.
Standing in the window on the third floor, to the South overlooking, saw the Emei mountain peaks rolling, gentle river wind from time to time messing up your hair, a few clear and crisp birdsong pierced the silence of the atmosphere, let your imagination fly upwards once again.
Building wooden always lets a person feel very cordial feeling, tired of walking, sitting by beauty is a kind of comfortable, even under the eaves of the empty ornamental engraving device also revealed an aura. Looking across the river are lined up in the town of the Liujiang River, to be aware of when the owner of many proud.
The passage of time, people have changed. No matter how much had courtyard building decoration style, how luxurious, today people feel inexplicable loneliness. The huge deserted courtyard, sometimes the door closed, only outside secretly taking a. The mansion after the liberation has served as the office building of the town government, in order to protect the monuments, the town government and moved out, upstairs downstairs scattered many have become useless calendar, desk, I do not know who is on the second floor of the roof kept some pigeons, they and the chicken into the residents here.
So the tourists come and go, the first is to have the Grand Courtyard of the building of admiration, then in the fall to regret.


(together the trees and houses the author: Teijin)
The ancient banyan tree under the street
The Liujiang River street had courtyard but tens of meters away from. Through the narrow alleys, a neat little town has emerged. Wooden doors, wooden windows, tiles and tile inadvertently grow several green silk, and reinforced cement group towers of metropolis compared, bit of poetry.
Go to a place, you do not need to ask, see the local people's eyes will probably rich or comfortable here about. The residents of the old street a little, they use natural and leisurely gaze of outsiders. The women of the soles of the shoes, playing cards of the man, the students in the home, the freedom to run on the road, this is all the town. The only slightly noisy sound is the sound of footsteps and praise from outside guests.
Along the town walking toward the East, under the blinding large banyan trees luxuriant figure to the Huaxi River, mountains with DEB, hazy Zhuying shake waves, smoke curl, mountains, trees, tiles, wooden together reflected in the clear rivers. River on the human built of stone, known locally for jump kicking and is connected on both sides of the channel, road paving block the flow of water, source qianshanwanhe trickle will here shop ballast open, stop the water so calm as a mirror, the local people laundry to wash the dishes.
The old man stopped in the bamboo forest river fishing in the river. Fishing and hunting, to outsiders, at this time in this town, it is labor is enjoyed. But the old man destined to hit the fish, because the fish in the river into the rare animals and man obviously is the enemy but these fishing boats after trained cormorants. But the old man did not care, still very persistent, such as labor, anticipation.
Over the river, an egret showed the elegant figure, silently through the quiet river.
The house look behind Linhe built on stilts, pebble Leiqi base, blue grey stones of different sizes covered with moss, full of many vicissitudes of life, touching story, but it cannot speak, not about the ancient town of past.
The residential doors on the street and entered the gate, she felt cool and pleasant, through the courtyard sprinkling down light, showing in front of brown wooden wall and the random planted ordinary flowers. The patio, stone, wood and stone wall tank have revealed very old light, dancing in front of. If each and every family through the water and electricity, life has some modern flavor, is also suspected to past years. Go to the end, open the window they see that do not know the name of the river and verdant mountains, large banyan with DEB. Blue, green, green, red is the main color here. Originally some scorching sun, through the branches and leaves of eyeful, turned into a gentle, pleasant spot color touching, scattered with many vicissitudes of the old house and green flag pops up on some rhythm.
The original market is Diaojiao Lou a 1 meter wide around, less than 400 meters long sidewalk, Qingshi paved road, a head attached to the depths of the mountains, a head connected with roads to the outside of the mountain. Mountains, the mountains and the mountains outside the people will be here to carry out the commodity trading, when the market is full of the year of the pig market has grown with the grass, a few chickens in the inside to enjoy the food of nature. A few lines to two or three people to encircle the tree with thick green Huang Jue for the town to add some summer air. Who is not willing to go, in situ and sit, watching the river and on the other side of the dense bush in houses, a moist, holding aromatic plant air cleaning city cloud of dust pollution of the lung.
Town people like lively, mostly moved from the 23 minutes of Xin Jie went up to live the. Only those who are busy get Xinfu air dry city talent will go to the local people called the "rotten house" to.
Therefore somewhat empty without many people living in the town, do it quietly in the middle of the Huaxi River and Liujiang some lonely stood next time such as water, Huanghuangyouyou flows from afar, flow to the lonely depths.


(author: Kawa Kawa)
Hundred meters line cross the Liujiang River
Ancient Diaojiao building nestled in the lush trees hundreds of years old, seem to be particularly delight and quiet; all the fish to swim in the clear Liujiang; surface, sunlight scattered by the thousand pieces of gold to Liujiang mapping has become a natural picture scroll.
To teach all the "elegant women carried fishing skill is 79 year old Shu Yun Li uncle and his partner, whose real name is Zhu Dongling" dumb ". Lee uncle chose a more urgent water flow to the shore, the fish line to the end of the dumb". See "dumb" skillfully holding a fishing tackle, holding a fishing line (, also known as the main, bus), swiftly through the water more than 100 meters wide, across the river to reach, install good fishing tackle. Then, in the main central bus across the river, one by one, a good sinker hook, installation. "Dumb" will the bait hook sink into the flowing water, then the tacit understanding with Uncle Lee retractable, floating two more than 150 meters long, bus. Tacit understanding with the most critical. "Carry the fish mainly rely on two individual tacit understanding". Uncle Lee said, as the the Liujiang River river 100 meters wide, even the ears, could not hear what people say on the other side. Uncle Lee was saying, inadvertently as a main fishing line, 4 small ious sub "Ma Ma fish is alive and kicking on the hook, happy on the other side of the river dumb" Wah Wah "yelled, girls are cheering.
"Why the traditional personal fishing for a long time without fish, and yours' lalacheche 'in the blink of an eye caught four fish", "your fishing line always adjusted earthquake, why fish also eat the bait"... Chongqing beauty Su Jie, Neijiang sister Dong Xiaoqin and Jiajiang sister to a place to ask questions. The fishermen used sign language translation, "dumb" answered: there are three reasons: bait is a "fish JINWOZI side; the second is cleared after the rain of fish is very active, God bless, you from afar and reward you. As to why we always put your fishing line, mainly in order to make the fish that live food, lure fish bait.
Eyebrow in the United States are unable to show their skills impulses, from "dumb" took the fishing tackle, and across the River Lee uncle lift to catch up. But toss the old half day also did not carry a fish. Finally, on both sides of the master's guidance, they finally raised a fish.
"Fishing" for rivers. Sichuan Province, Hongya Province, the third "Sina Cup" fishing contest winner of the national fishing master Wang Weidong, the Liujiang River "carried" research is very deep. According to the introduction, carrying a hundred years of history in the Liujiang River, Hongya. The fishing highlight a "lift" word, the whole scene resembling two people on both sides of the river to carry things, the main fishing line to act as the role of the "pole", and is particularly applicable to "lift" fish in a river. The main fishing line can cross the 400-500 meters wide of the Minjiang River or Yangtze river.


Author: Plateau Yak
The Liujiang River old town: the author know joy








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