The predetermined farm fresh milk (autotrophic the Liujiang River town) - town specialty introduction

The predetermined farm fresh milk (the Liujiang River town) autotrophic



The cash squeeze does not contain additives of pure fresh dairy farmers autotrophic
The Liujiang River Town Farm autotrophic cows, need to book a day ahead of time after,
Second days in the morning milking barrels, noon or afternoon can be
Get your hands. To protect the fresh milk.
10 yuan / Jin, 5 pounds up. Contact QQ:280534828, phone 13547807607
You can call us when you are leaving the town of the Liujiang River, and we will send you in 15 minutes.
Pure natural fresh milk does not contain any additives, very fragrant, nutrient rich, light yellow in color, the picture is really like, directly on the map to speak.
Our cows fed with fresh sweet potato leaves, corn leaves, grass and straw and other natural feed, the output is definitely a good milk!
Fresh milk cow farm autotrophic 10 yuan / kg, pure natural milk does not contain any additives and preservatives, very thick, very fragrant! Rich nutrition, best dairy calcium.
Factory in the production of milk powder is to add preservatives, a variety of flavors, etc., with our freshly squeezed milk is completely different.
The simplest method is to buy a bit of fresh milk and other bottled milk taste, contrast a Xianai and flavor concentration, drink our milk drink other milk is essentially odorless, welcome to visit.




Small dairy cows under big cow