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    Qiao Noodle House
    "Qiao Noodle House" is located in Hongya Liujiang county ancient town tourism scenic Street on the 19th, is a famous local snack business shop, the shop with the purpose of the principle of "honest business, delicious and cheap", for eight side guests taste delicious snacks.
    The store business specialties are: water sweet cake, sweet spicy bean, cane pepper chicken soup surface, beef with bamboo shoots, hemp facet, food grains other than wheat and rice porridge, fermented glutinous rice powder and egg, hot and sour powder, marked oil chaoshou,.
    Contact phone: 13890340567 (Peng Yong)



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    Shop snacks

    Shop snacks

    Rice porridge grains

    Miscellaneous sauce noodles

    Oil frozen cake

    Oil frozen cake

    Spicy bean jelly

    Chicken soup noodles

    Bamboo shoots of beef noodles


    Water fragrant glutinous rice cake

    Glutinous Rice Balls Shuimohe

    Qiao Noodle House

    Laozaoping egg

    Shop snacks

    Snack Bar

    Hot and Sour Rice Noodles



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